Class Features

  • Can only wear Robes
  • Can only wield some Weapons

Wintermage is a Class in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. A character's class is their profession and grants specific features as listed. New features, and access to Skills, Weapons, Armor, Spells, and such, are granted differently for each class that a player selects. Classes in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation where you can view each strengths and weaknesses.


There are wizards called WIntermages who seek the mastery of the harsh magics of the cold north. They have an extremely high resistance to cold and can withstand temperatures that would kill mortal men. Because of this, they are uncomfortable in warmer climates, but some Wintermages still travel to further their knowledge. Wintermages need less sleep than other mortals, using a technique they developed known as Cold Sleep. Powerful WIntermages can use their knowledge and magical skills to craft Ice Golems which can serve as mighty guardians.


Wintermage Information

Stats and Conditions

  • Class Group: Wizards
  • Can only wear Robes
  • Can only wield some Weapons
  • Cannot wear any physical armor, unless Supernatural is greater than 2, in which case the Wintermage can wear Light Armor.

Race Restriction/s:

Available Weapon Skills:


Wintermage Attributes & Skills


  • +3 Focus to racial base
  • +2 Intelligence to Racial base
  • +3 to starting Brewing and Drying
  • +4 to starting Learning and Research
  • +15% base, +3% / 2 LVLs Resistance to Cold
  • +25% base, +5% / 3 LVLs Resistance to Arousal
  • +10% base, +3% / 4 LVLs Attack with weapons made of ice or crystals
  • Can build Ice Golems from a certain (very high) level

Class-Specific Skills


Wintermage Lore

Throughout the coldest regions of Yerengal, far and wide, reside a group of wizards unlike any other. These masters of sorcery are known as wintermages.

The origins of wintermages are subject of much debate among those who would tempt their fate and discuss such things openly. Some say the wintermages sprung up from the demigod Dargalmir’s blood, spilled across a frozen lake during a battle with a great ice wyrm. Others say the Keeper of the Peaceful Winter took a small group of apprentices, teaching them the secret arts of ice magic. Yet others say the mages are direct descendants of Boor himself, who during the ancient years, took a beautiful human princess of the Northern Realm as his bride and mate.

Regardless of their true origins, it is known fact that wintermages inhabit the coldest places imaginable, seemingly with no adverse effect on their physiology. As their name implies, these mages hold a magical mastery over ice and snow—but beyond that, they seem to have a natural kinship for it, unlike any other creatures in all of Yerengal. It is said that wintermages can sense the harshness in a winter storm before it appears or judge the depth of frozen lakes with but a glance.

Wintermages do leave their cold domains from time to time although they find the warmer climates uncomfortable, increasingly so the longer they remain within them. In recent generations however, some wintermages have taken residence in warmer climates. While the exact reason for this small migration remains unclear, these wintermages show a general higher tolerance for the warmer climate, although always preferring cool nights to warm days and cold winters to the other seasons. Their aversion to warmth grants the wintermage no aptitude for fire magic and bestows upon them a weakness against strong emissions of heat, natural or otherwise.

When encountered in temperate lands, wintermages’s never sleep to replenish their physical faculties. Their bodies are in fact adapted to what they refer to as Cold Sleep, a type of deep hibernation. Wintermages undergo this Cold Sleep at irregular intervals for a few days at a time. When not in Cold Sleep, wintermages remain fully alert and active at all times.

While wintermages never need sleep as other men require, they still make use of deep meditative states to restore their magical energies. These states of altered consciousness appear identical to a deep slumber, but in fact are only necessary for the mage’s continued spell use.

Adventurers who assert to have traveled with wintermages, claim the mages are capable of extending their Cold Sleep onto other living beings. Some of the stories recount speak giant stalagmites of ice shooting up from the floor and encasing comrades in a protective frozen barrier.

Regardless of the extent of their powers, wintermages are impressive beings and one that have found their place in lands few other beings dare to tread.


Wintermage Tips & Builds

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