Novelties for Black Geyser are the various unique features of the game. On this page you will find helpful information regarding mechanics of the game that are exclusive to Black Geyser: Courirers of Darkness. These features or mechanics make drastic changes to the overall gameplay and experience of the player such as character behaviors, values of a merchant's inventory, combat tactics, and many more.


Black Geyser All Novelties


Whenever a creature acts greedily in Isilmerald, the power of Zornilsa, the goddess of greed, grows. Your actions are no exception, so keep this in mind when controlling your party! (rewards, looting, donations in temples etc.) As Zornilsa gets stronger, the kingdom becomes even more chaotic directly affecting gameplay. For example:

  • Prices go up as merchants lose interest in keeping a stable marketplace.
  • NPCs become more suspicious and unfriendly, making positive interactions more difficult.
  • Lawful citizens may end up as desperate outlaws prone to attacking without provocation.
  • Loot Scavengers and hostile adventurer parties may appear after battles and attempt to seize your loot.


Plant Item

A new skill for the Thief class! This is basically the opposite of stealing or pickpocketing! It allows the Thief to silently plant certain items into the clothing of other characters. For example, the Thief can hide poisonous or sleeping powder under the armor of guards, which will start to affect them after a designated amount of time.

A more interesting example, your Thief character can steal jewelry from an NPC, hide it in the pockets of another NPC and then accuse him of stealing! These types of scenarios can instigate a conflict between two NPCs giving the thief a much greater influence in the game.


Drying to Make Powders

While brewing allows you to create potions, the process of drying enables the creation of powders. You can use powders directly as an attack in combat or for non-combat purposes. For example, powders can be put directly on the skin of creatures by using the Plant Item skill.

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