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Shaman is a Class in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. A character's class is their profession and grants specific features as listed. New features, and access to Skills, Weapons, Armor, Spells, and such, are granted differently for each class that a player selects. Classes in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation where you can view each strengths and weaknesses.


Shamans are beings of faith who channel their power in an unusual manner. They attempt to connect with their deity on a spiritual level and can communicate with spirits and other servants of their god. Shamans have access to a kind of magic that is not easily understood by wizards or priests. They use an ancient magic, and their ability to travel with their non-physical souls to further their communion with ther god tends to confuse more short-sighted magical practitioners.


Shaman Information

Stats and Conditions

  • Class Group: Priests
  • Can wear Robes
  • Can wear Light Armor
  • Can only wield some Weapons

Race Restriction/s:

Available Weapon Skills:


Shaman Attributes & Skills


Class-Specific Skills


Shaman Lore

Among the holy men of Yerengal there are a select few who go beyond simply harnessing the power of their deities and actually attempt to communicate directly with them. Breaching and entering the mystical god-planes they inhabit, if only for a time, these shaman seek guidance and answers to problems that afflict them personally, or their community.

Because most civilized and educated cultures in Yerengal rely on clerics, druids and other holy men, shamans are typically associated with less civilized cultures of the land. This is also reinforced by the fact that shamans typically wear little or no armor and wield more primitive weapons… weapons which they are more than effective with in personal combat.

Shamans rely on ancient, natural magics, potions, herbology and spells that even most druids have no knowledge of. Shaman magic while appearing simplistic in preparation and execution can be extremely potent. While most holy men and wizards are confined to a single dimension in their pursuits, shaman have a freedom to let their non-physical selves roam the multidimensional realms and god-planes. The insights, abilities and power derived here have been known to counter the most powerful magic cast from other spell weaving beings.


Shaman Tips & Builds

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