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Fighter is a Class in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. A character's class is their profession and grants specific features as listed. New features, and access to Skills, Weapons, Armor, Spells, and such, are granted differently for each class that a player selects. Classes in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation where you can view each strengths and weaknesses.


 Fighters train to be ready for anything. They are a very versatile profession and are the most common of all martial professions. Fighters are proficient with all weapons and armor, making them a deadly and well prepared combatant.


Fighter Information

Stats and Conditions

  • Class Group: Warriors
  • Can wield any Weapon
  • Can wear any physical Armor

Race Restriction/s:

  • None

Available Weapon Skills:


Fighter Attributes & Skills


Class-Specific Skills


Fighter Lore

Before the tribe of men split, man had little aggression in his heart. He lived as brother to all his fellow men, and worked with his neighbor for the benefit of the whole tribe. All this changed when Rothgor and the other new gods appeared. Influenced by the devil-god and others, men broke apart from each other and out of balance with Yerengal itself. An action that set hostility deep in man’s heart—a hostility that burns even greater today.

Competing for resources and acting from self centered emotions, man has learned to fight for what he wants and fight to defend what he has. A behavior that spread like wildfire, influencing all races of Yerengal.

Those men who would be the ultimate expression of this hostility, take up the martial way, bearing arms against their enemy in whatever shape they appear. Their reasoning for such action varies as much as the men themselves. Some fight for glory and fame, some fight for fortune, others fight for vengeance, while some fight merely to survive.

Whatever their cause, the fighters of Yerengal are a force to be reckoned with. Alone, some of the most powerful fighters in history have changed the fates of nations, together, armies of fighters have changed the fate of the world.


Fighter Tips & Builds

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  • Notes, Tips, and other Trivia


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