Crafting in Black Geyser features the crafting mechanic in the game. This page frature the different combinations and items that can be obtained through crafting and the necessary materials needed to craft and how to craft different items. A combination of Ingredients are usually combined, brewed, and dried to create potions and powders.

What is Brewing and Drying?

Brewing and Drying is a Skill that offers the ability to craft potions and powders from various Ingredients collected throughout Yerngal. Potions can mostly be consumed for a set of positive effects or healing, while powders can be thrown at or planted on enemies for a set of negative effects or damage.

Crafting potions and powders from advanced ingredients or at higher heat levels will require investing some points into the mentioned skill. This skill is affected by attributes such as Intelligence, Dexterity, Focus, and modifiers.


Drying to Make Powders

While brewing allows you to create potions, the process of drying enables the creation of powders. You can use powders directly as an attack in combat or for non-combat purposes. For example, powders can be put directly on the skin of creatures by using the Plant Item skill.


Black Geyser Crafting Guide



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