Scrolls are Magic Items in Black Geyser. Scrolls can be used one time by any non-spellcasting Class to conjure magical effects and Spells. Casting the spell by reading the scroll requires the spell’s normal Casting Time. Once the spell is cast, the scroll disappears from the character's inventory. This page covers a list of available scrolls, details, and stats in-game. Click on each scroll to find out more details and information and where to find them.


Black Geyser All Scrolls


Name Description Spell Class Spell Level
Acid Rain (Scroll) Calls forth a cloud of corrosive, poisonous fumes to rain down on the caster's enemies in a wide range. Affected targets are dealt Poison and Acid damage each turn, and become Pervious. Natural 4
Armor of Alnarius (Scroll) Alnarius will protect his children in their hour of need, dressing the caster in brilliant armor made of light. This armor requires no proficiency and does not interfere with spellcasting. Increases the caster's resistance to Slashing, Stabbing
and Pulse and Blow damage by 30% for 48 turns.
Spiritual 1
Astral Dance (Scroll) By shifting partially into the astral plane, the spell's target becomes more likely to evade enemy attacks. In turn however, their ethereal forms may have a hard time carrying out physical attacks themselves. The target gains
Quickened, Calmed, Alert, Clarity and Weakened.
Spiritual 6
Berserk (Scroll) This spell magically fills its target with otherworldly rage, turning them into a rampaging menace. Grants Enrage and Indomitability to the target. Oriental 3
Brickfall (Scroll) Summons a rain of bricks to fall onto your enemies and deal 3-6 Pulse and Blow damage twice every round for 2 rounds to all in the area. Don’t think too hard about whose wall they came from. Oriental 4
Calm (Scroll) By channeling their own concentrated spiritual energy into the target, the caster can strengthen their mental posture and: restore their spirits. Removes Panic from the affected target. Spiritual 2
Celestial Barrage (Scroll) Summons a hail of molten rocks to pellet a wide area, each impact dealing damage in a circular area. Targets affected by an impact are dealt Heat and Pulse and Blow damage. Natural 7
Chain Lightning (Scroll) Upon being cast, a crackling stream of lightning springs forth from the caster's palms, damaging the target on arrival. The stream will then jump to further hostile targets in range, damaging them in the process. Targets are dealt
Pulse and Blow and Heat damage, and gain Stunned.
Natural 4
Chattering (Scroll) It can be hard to stay on target when all the warmth seems to leave the world, . This spell causes intense shivering that disrupts physical activities. The target's Aim and Accuracy is decreased by 20% for 5 turns. Unnatural 2
Coat of Darkness (Scroll) The caster is enveloped in a coat of thick, churning fog to gain defense from close ranged attacks. Attacks made against the target gain extra chance to Miss, while hostile targets in close proximity may gain Panicking each turn. Unnatural 5
Crimson Plague (Scroll) The caster lets loose a horrible disease on the target. The disease opens festering wounds on the affected target's body that bleed intensely. Each turn, the disease spreads forth to up to two unaffected targets in a short range.
Afflicted targets gain Bleeding and Diseased.
Unnatural 6
Crippling Ray (Scroll) Using this spell, the caster can aim a beam of concentrated unnatural energy at the target, damaging and disabling them. The spell's target is dealt Stabbing damage, as well as gaining Weakened and Slowed. Unnatural 5
Crypt Opening: Skeleton (Scroll) A whisper goes out to the souls of the dead… and skeletons answer. Unnatural 2
Dance of the Desert Wind (Scroll) Like a storm through the wastelands, you begin to move with vicious grace. Increases allied characters' movement speed and Aim and Accuracy by 20% within 10 meters of the caster for 3 rounds. Oriental 3
Dazzling Light (Scroll) The caster calls down a massive wave of dazzling light to weaken any hostile creatures in range. Affected targets gain Blinded and Distracted. Spiritual 3
Divine Aid (Scroll) This spell conjures a great amount of divine force to heal its target from damage. Undead targets take the same amount of Heat damage as it would heal a living creature. Spiritual 4
Dune Ripple (Scroll) The caster of this spell commands a wave of thick sand to rush forth in a target direction. All targets caught by the wave take Pulse and Blow damage and gain Knocked Down. Natural 6
Elenuator's Boots (Scroll) This spell enchants the taget's feet with the quickness of Elenuator, granting them increased movement speed. The target gains Quickened. Oriental 1
Enemy to Friend (Scroll) Do you even need allies when your enemies are this helpful? Turns one foe into a temporary friend. Spiritual 5
Entangle (Scroll) This spell conjures strong vines that spring forth from the ground, entvining their target. The spell inflicts Immobilize on its target. Natural 2
Eternity Awaits (Scroll) This spell sets up a vision of cosmic endlessness around the target, affecting their sense of sight, hearing, motion and touching. The affected target gains Pacified, and when the effect ends, it gains Confused. Oriental 6
Ex Machina (Scroll) This spell sets up a vision of cosmic endlessness around the target, affecting their sense of sight, hearing, motion and touching. The affected target gains Pacified, and when the effect ends, it gains Confused. Spiritual 7
Fever (Scroll) This spell sends a spell induced fever to attack its target, causing a sense of intense heat engulfing its body. Inflicts Weakness, Throbbing and Toasting on the target. Unnatural 1
Fireball (Scroll) This spell sends forth an immense ball of fire that explodes at the target location, damaging anyone that might be caught in the balst. Affected targets take Heat damage as well as gaining Burning and Toasting. Natural 3
For the Master (Scroll) This spell encourages all creatures previously summoned by the caster to give their all to the fight. All creatures summoned by the caster gain Quickened and Enraged. Summoning 7
Funnel Aura (Scroll)

This spell latches onto the spiritual energies of hostile targets around the caster, and drawing their energies inwards. Grants one of the following effects to the caster for each hostile creature in range for one turn: Strength, Invigoration,

Spiritual 5
Gale Shroud (Scroll)

This spell summons a dome of gale force winds to shield an area from ranged attacks. Any ranged attacks made against friendly targets inside the dome gain an increased chance to Miss. Additionally, all hostile creatures that
enter the dome gain Slowed.

Natural 5
Glacial Rush (Scroll)

One of the most devastating spells from the arsenal of Wintermages, this spell conjures a huge slab of ice above the target that is slammed down against them with sheer force. The target is dealt Cold and Pulse and Blow damage,
as well as gaining Brittle and Concussion.

Natural 6
Gundemund's Freezing Fingertips (Scroll)

Said to be a favorite technique of the ancient demigod Gundemund, this spell conjures an array of sharp pointed icicles over a target area, then lets them loose on whoever happens to stand underneatht them.
All targets in the area of effect are dealt Cold damage.

Natural 3
Handful of Sparks (Scroll)

The caster of this spell calls down a handful of small, glowing gems from the sky that can be used as throwing weapons. The gems themselves explode upon impact with the target, dealing Pulse and Blow and Heat damage to the target.
The conjured gems take over the active weapon slot of the caster, and stay active until all charges are expended or until the caster takes rest. The remaining inventory slot can still be used if the caster desires.

Unnatural 4
Hand of Mercy (Scroll)

Natural energy issues forth from the caster’s hands to heal their target. The target is healed for 15 Health Points.

Natural 1
Healing Mist (Scroll)

The caster is surrounded by a pleasant mist which closes the wounds of any allies inside it. For 3 rounds, each ally within 4 meters of the caster is healed for 10-12 Health Points.

Natural 3
Icicle Lance (Scroll)

This spell conjures a sharp-pointed lance of ice, that is sent to impale the target at high speed. The target is dealt Cold and Stabbing damage, and gains Softened and Exposed.

Natural 4
Identify (Scroll)

This spell lets the user unveil the true nature of an item with unknown or magical properties.

Spiritual 2
Incense of Sariah (Scroll)

Sariah, the Rillow songstress, they say, could sing a whole company of mercenaries to sleep in mere moments. The truth is, she had some magical help.

Oriental 5
Infernal Wave (Scroll)

This spell hurls a series of infernal flames in front of the caster in quick succession, damaging all creatures caught in the area. Affected targets take Heat damage and gain Burning.

Natural 5
Jump (Scroll)

This spell teleports the caster to a desired point in range, to get away from danger or gain tactical advantage over their opponents.

Oriental 2
Drain Life (Scroll)

This spell can be used to leech the life force of a target creature in range, damaging them and restoring Health to the caster.

Unnatural 2
Life Funnel (Scroll)

The caster of this spell expends some of their own Health to heal another target in range for the same amount.

Unnatural 3
Magic Egg: Scorpion (Scroll)

A large egg appears on the battlefield, followed soon by the scorpion inside.

Natural 1
Marching Powder (Scroll)

This spell summons a cloud of fine powder that filters down from above in a circulating area. The powder has a simulating effect over allied targets when coming into contact with their skin. Allies inside the area of effect
gain Strengthened, Inspired and Indomitable.

Oriental 5
Melt Away (Scroll)

This spell envelops its target in a cloud of corrosive fumes. The target gains Dissolving and Weakened.

Unnatural 4
Mystic Bulwark (Scroll)

This spell focuses a field of divine energy to surround its target, sheltering them from harm while the spell is active. Attacks made against the target are absorbed by the shield, until it's overpowered or the effect ends.
Grants Shield to the target.

Spiritual 2
Natural Instinct (Scroll)

This spell imbues allied creatures in the targeted area with wild natural energy. Affected targets gain Anticipating and Invigorated.

Natural 6
Neversleep (Scroll)

This spell causes a heightened sense of alertness in its target, waking them up from sleep. The induced stress that borders anxiety will also keep the target awake for a while. Removes Sleep from, and grants Alert to the affected target.

Unnatural 1
Peace (Scroll)

This spell takes away the will to cause harm to others from its target. The affected target is Pacified.

Spiritual 1
Permafrost (Scroll)

One of the most devastating tricks of a Wintermage, this spell drains away all warmth from the target area, freezing and coating it in brittle ice. Targets in the area of effect take Cold damage each turn, and gain Freezing.
Targets that spend two consecutive turns in the area gain Frozen and Brittle.

Oriental 7
Pool of Blood (Scroll)

The caster of this spell summons a wide pool of coagulating blood at the target area, hindering the movement of all creatures inside. Targets in the area of effect gain Slowed.

Unnatural 3
Raging Sandstorm (Scroll)

The caster of this spell summons a thick, enchanted sandstorm at the target area to disable enemies caught in it. Targets inside the area of effect gain Slowed and Blinded.

Oriental 7
Red Sun Rises (Scroll)

Conjures a blood-red sun to rise over a target, granting them bravery and restoring their will to fight. The target gains Strengthened and Inspired.

Oriental 1
Ride the Lightning (Scroll)

Move like lightning, and leave some behind for anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. The caster quickly jumps away to a targeted location in range, while discharging a blast of lightning in a circular area around them.
Targets caught in the discharge take Pulse and Blow and Heat damage.

Natural 2
Sands Gave Shelter (Scroll)

This spell summons the protective forces of the desert to envelop its target in swirling waves of enchanted sand that defends from attacks both physical and elemental in nature. The target gains Hardened, Reinforced,
Bracing, Warm and Fortified.

Oriental 4
Serenity (Scroll)

This spell can be used to restore the combatant nature of creatures to its original state. The Pacified effect is removed from the target if present, and the target also gains Alert.

Spiritual 1
Severine's Sparkle (Scroll)

A ball of concentrated nature energy is conjured at the caster's fingertips. This swirling ball of force can be hurled at a target to inflict serious damage. The target is dealt 4-6 Heat and 3-5 Pulse and Blow damage.

Natural 2
Slayer's Intent (Scroll)

This ability fills the user with a rush of adrenaline, enhancing their physical capabilities and senses for a short while. The user is granted Quickness, Luck and Steadiness.

Special Ability 1
Snow (Scroll)

Conjure the very elemental essence of cold. Then throw it at someone you don’t like. Deals 3-7 Cold Damage to the target on impact.

Natural 1
Soothing Tides (Scroll)

The caster sends forth a wave of crystal clear, enchanted water in a straight line, to douse all allied targets in its way. All allied targets touched by the wave are healed for a moderate amount. In addition, Burning, Freezing and Poisoned

Natural 5
Soul Twist (Scroll)

This spell calls forth a malevolent spirit to haunt any hostile targets in the area. Each turn, the spirit jumps to a different target in range. Targets the spirit attaches itself to gain Panicking and Distracted.

Spiritual 3
Stonewall (Scroll)

Sometimes all you need is a good, thick wall to solve your problems. Creates one of those, which blocks movement and projectiles.

Oriental 1
Summon Spider (Scroll)

This spell summons a spider at a desired location in range from the caster to aid in combat. At higher character levels, additional spiders are summoned as well.

Summoning 1
Summon Wolf (Scroll)

This spell summons a wolf at a desired location in range from the caster to aid in combat. At higher character levels, additional wolves are summoned as well.

Summoning 2
Summon Writhers (Scroll)

This spell summons a white writher at a desired location in range from the caster to aid in combat. At higher character levels, additional writhers are summoned as well.

Summoning 6
To The Rescue (Scroll)

In danger, a summoner can call out for help to the creatures they previously summoned. All creatures summoned by the caster gain Anticipating and Indomitable, as well as taunting any hostile creatures in range.

Summoning 5
Transcendent Meditation (Scroll)

The caster conjures deep mental energy using this spell, to stay focused on their following tasks. The caster gains Anticipating and Focused.

Spiritual 4
Twisted Requiem (Scroll)

Often believed to be the pinnacle of the Unnatural spell school, this spell can cheat death and return the allies of the caster in an area to life. An immense amount of life force must be sacrificed by the caster however, that can quickly
lead to their demise if the spell is not used carefully. All party members in the targeted area are revived at 75% Health and gain Strengthened and Indomitable. The caster takes damage equal to 80% of their Health as the spell takes effect. Allies are resurrected even if the caster dies in the process.

Spiritual 7
Unbearable Heat (Scroll)

Bakes well-armored foes in their armor like a hot day in the sun, dealing progressively more heat damage over time to those wearing heavier armor. For 5 turns, deals 1-2 damage to lightly armored, 1-4 damage to medium armored, and
2-6 damage to heavily armored enemies each turn. Has no effect on targets without armor.

Oriental 2
Vengeful Spirit (Scroll)

This spell summons a malefic spirit to torment its target. The spirit attaches itself to its prey, causing a horrific experience. It enjoys causing mayhem and havoc, and will seek out new targets to afflict. Inflicts Panic and Distraction to its target each turn, then jumps to another random target in range.

Spiritual 7
Verdant Growth (Scroll)

This spell summons a group of verdant roots around the target, imbuing them in the natural healing properties energies of Tilindia. The target regains Health each turn over multiple turns. Health regained each turn is
increased between turns.

Natural 4
Wildfire (Scroll)

This spell summons an incendiary boulder at the target area that bursts into flame on impact, covering an area in a wildfire. The fire spreads over several turns to cover a wide area in flames. Targets caught in the initial explosion are dealt Heat damage instantly. Targets caught in the spreading fire gain Burning and Toasting.

Natural 6
Crypt Opening: Ghoul (Scroll)

A whisper goes out to the souls of the dead… and ghouls answer.

Unnatural 3

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