Class Features

  • Can wear Robes
  • Cannot wear Heavy Armor
  • Can only wield some Weapons

Cleric is a Class in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. A character's class is their profession and grants specific features as listed. New features, and access to Skills, Weapons, Armor, Spells, and such, are granted differently for each class that a player selects. Classes in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation where you can view each strengths and weaknesses.


Clerics are priests of faith who have taken up arms to better serve their god. While not as combat oriented as a Templar they can serve in other ways. Their faith to a deity allows them to wield magical powers that can help their team or hunt their foes. They are first and foremost servants to their gods and they harness that faith for the good of their religion.


Cleric Information

Stats and Conditions

  • Class Group: Priests
  • Can wear Robes
  • Cannot wear Heavy Armor
  • Can only wield some Weapons

Race Restriction/s:

  • None

Available Weapon Skills:


Cleric Attributes & Skills


Class-Specific Skills


Cleric Lore

In the beginning all the mortal races prayed to only two gods, the king-god Alnarius and the Green Mother, Tilindia. Since the coming of the new gods, the mortal races—no longer restricted to a duopoly—began following and worshipping other gods. Today the pantheon of Yerengal reflects the great diversity of the land and the peoples within it. Among mortals, few have as much faith in their deities as the clerics of Yerengal. These holy men fill a variety of roles in society, but all of them rely on spreading the gospel of their god and bringing new members into their flock.

While some clerics are devout pacifists, many clerics have no problem raising arms against those who insult their deity or threaten their congregation. In fact, some clerics are even obligated to take up such feats. These holy warriors and fighting priests are often found in the company of larger military forces where they fulfill religious duties to the soldiers, blessing them before battles and giving last rights to the fallen.

Combining a righteous determination, fighting spirit and ability to harness their deities' magical power, clerics have become integral members of many cultures throughout Yerengal.



Cleric Tips & Builds

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