Combat for Black Geyser focuses on the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game. From indicating the usage of the various weapons that can be equipped, battle movements, player and enemy combat details, and many more. This page covers information regarding combat in general as well as individual mechanics and strategies for Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness.

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  • Walkthrough: A detailed guide of the game's main story.
  • Controls: Covers the details of the basic layout of the controller for all platforms.
  • New Player Help: You can find our recommended Tips & Tricks for both new and veteran players of CRPGs.
  • Equipment & Magic: Lists all available gear players can find throughout the world, as well as craftable gear.


Black Geyser Key Features

Isometric Fantasy RPG

Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. Explore a land plagued by war, pestilence and mysterious abductions, and uncover the hidden legacy of your birth. Recruit powerful allies to your cause; achieve your goals through sorcery, stealth, a silver tongue or brute force; and discover the truth of the Black Geyser.

Developed by a small indie team and inspired by cRPG classics like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, Black Geyser features challenging real time tactical combat with pause, deep lore and memorable companions, all set in a sprawling, unique fantasy world.


Story Rich

Black Geyser is set in Yerengal, a world where dark gods have brought nothing but venality and greed. For centuries, the Devil-god Rothgor has spread fear and terror, waging war upon the mortal races.

Eventually banished, the nation of Isilmerald has enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity. Yet discontent has begun to fester once more, and a bloody civil war is brewing between the capital Isilbright and the wealthy mining town of Deron-Guld.


Recruit Key Allies

Recruit a team of unique characters to join your adventure. Discover their secrets and uncover their motives.


Create your Own Hero

Choose from 5 playable Races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Feldegug and Rillow) and 13 unique Classes from 4 class groups (Priest, Outlaw, Warrior, and Wizard).


Explore an Epic World

Travel to Isilbright and the shadowed mines of Deron-Guld. Uncover the mysterious pavilions of the rillow.


Tactical Play

Watch combat play out in real time with the option to pause the action and issue new orders when needed. Control the battlefield using dozens of spells and skills, all while customising your party with a wide range of weapons, armors and items.


Will Greed Overcome You?

The choices you make will either advance the cause of the goddess of greed, or maintain the flickering flame of hope.


Unique Features

Black Geyser: Courieres of Darkness introduces brand new and unique features to its game, which makes it stand out on its own such as the Greed mechanic which changes the overall gameplay, a new thef skill where you are able to plant items, not just stealing, and a new crafting mechanic where you can dry platns or herbs to make powders.


Black Geyser Combat Guide

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