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Black Geyser FAQs

What Platforms is it available on?

  • Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness is available for PC and can be purchased and downloaded via Steam or GOG.

When is Early Access Releasing?

  • Early Access is set to go live on August 26th, 2021.

When is the full game set to release?

  • Developer GrapeOcean Technologies and game publisher V Publishing are currently aiming for Q1 2022.

Will there be pre-order options and rewards?

  • GrapeOcean Technologies and V Publishing's main focus is getting Early Access done which releases on the 26th og August, 2021. There is a discussion with possible rewards or pre-orders, but there will be a small discount for those who buy into early access.

Will Kickstarter backers gain entry to Early Access?

  • Yes, all Kickstarter backers who backed at the “Early Bird Digital Download” Tier or higher will receive entry to Early Access.

How much content will there be in EA?

  • The initial Early Access launch contains the first three chapters of the game which is a significant portion of the game. This will include some side quests and several main story quests. Overall, there will be tens of hours' worth of content to playthrough. After that, we will be releasing an additional chapter during Early Access alongside further additional content.

What's next after completing the EA of the game?

  • The game ends when the last main story quest finishes. However, the developers want to ensure that the player has enough warning surrounding this, so that they’re aware of the path they’re heading down. They hope that this should give players enough choice to either finish the game, or head onto side quests that they haven’t yet finished.

Are there multiple Endings?

  • There are several endings based upon the choices you make in the game. Your actions will have a direct impact on which ending you receive.

Is Black Geyser more of an "open world" game?

  • Black Geyser has an overarching story, but players are free to choose whether they pursue it directly, or simply undertake side quests. The choice is completely up to you!

Are there Pets?

  • Yes, pets will be implemented into the game during Early Access and you can recruit them or take them with you on your adventures.

What is the Max Level you can obtain?

  • Currently, the maximum level right now is 20.

Will there be DLCs or Expansions?

  • GrapeOcean Technologies intends to release DLCs, future expansions, and hopefully a sequel as well.

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