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Rillow is a Race in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. Races determine many aspects of a character, from their appearance, behavior, down to their innate capabilities, attributes, and many more. Races in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation and each choice grants unique Stats & Attributes that are exclusive to a certain race, as well as Class specialization/s.


 Travelers, traders and alchemists from the Eastern Empires, the Rillow are a child race of a powerful Djinni called Elenuator. Their homeland is shrouded in mystery, so few outside the Rillow themselves know much about them. What is know is that they are seekers of pleasure and experience, consumate traders and nomadic caravaneers. Rillow are a large, physically imposing race who bear a passing resemblance to elephants. They eschew religion and favor displays of wealth, and have a natural talent for Brewing & Drying.


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Far to the east of Isilmerald lies a land of intense contradictions. The Eastern Empires, as they would become known, are harsh and hostile lands, yet filled with flourishing life. A millennia ago these deserts contained little but howling wind and scorching sun. Out of that wasteland sprung the Djinni, powerful elementals of fire and air. Some of these beings rivaled the power of the gods, and from their fingertips sprung life. What once was desolation became oases, and the landscape was forever changed at the Djinni’s whims.

One such Djinn, the most powerful of them all, decided he was not content with the birds and beasts of his lands. Elenuator gathered a clump of wet sand from the shore of a river, and willed purpose into it. What emerged from that sand were the first Rillows, an elephantine race of huge stature. It’s said that the first of them, shaking off the grit, looked to Elenuator and asked its purpose. The Djinn replied, “To seek.”

Whether this is true or not, it serves to explain the Rillow race’s penchant for exploration. Through the guidance of Elenuator, it took little time for the Rillow to master their environment and begin to wander. It didn’t take long for their fledgling race to find the more verdant lands to the west of Yerengal, including the Eastern Empire’s immediate western neighbors, Zida-Suda. Rillow exploration led to a conflict between these two lands for many years; not until the establishment of the T’ark alta-Azim (the Great Spice Road) through southern Zida-Suda were the two neighbors able to put aside their conflict in favor of increased trade with nations further to the west. This neutrality is limited and tenuous at best; should the flow of money for either nation dry up again, open war would likely resume.

Travel to the Eastern Empires is heavily restricted, limited to trading caravans and occasional diplomats. Those who have returned from such excursions tell wild stories of what they saw, ranging from the flat wasteland that is so quiet it drives men mad, to a massive capital city that seems to have grown directly from the ground rather than built, to calm and pleasant oases (contrasted in tone by one story involving an actual lake of blood in the wastes). Because such stories seem for the most part to be wild and exaggerated tales, very little is known of the Eastern Empires by the rest of Isilmerald. With this in mind, the Rillow have cultivated an aura of mystique about their origins and intentions.

What is true about the Rillow is that their caravans provide a wide range of goods unavailable elsewhere on the continent. Spices, exotic pets, and all manner of strange and novel alchemical concoctions grace their market stalls wherever the Rillow have settled. In fact, the race’s alchemists are famed for their prowess, and all Rillow have some natural talent for the crafts of Brewing and Drying (perhaps a gift from their elemental emperor). Though naturally nomadic, Rillow traders have established two semi-permanent settlements within Isilmerald: one loose community of caravaneers, tradesmen, and mystics within the trade district of Isilbright, and an independent “pleasure palace” called the Garden of Delights. The latter is a hub on the eastern edge of Isilmerald where the T’ark alta-Azim officially begins. Originally an unassuming caravanserai, over the last half-century it has grown into a wondrous place to visit, and boasts a marketplace unmatched over most of the rest of the continent- both for physical goods, and, the rumors say, for secrets.

Rumors aside, the Rillow people do seem to have a hedonistic streak. They seek not only new lands but new experiences. For some, this may mean pleasure from new foods, music, and people. For others, it can mean continuing to explore and travel. In the latter case, this often leads to adventure. Standing some seven feet tall and heavily built, their warriors are physically imposing to a degree that allows them to find easy work as mercenaries (as well as possibly true stories about drug-fueled berserk rages on the battlefield). Their more magic-oriented compatriots tend to become Spellweavers. Elenuator forbids his children from worshipping gods other than himself (he is, in fact, a demigod of such power that he may truly rival the pantheon of Yerengal) so the Rillow avoid religious professions, other than those Shamans who commune directly with their Djinn emperor. Regardless of profession or social standing, Rillow culture encourages displays of opulence, so their men and women alike ornament themselves with all manner of jewelry and fine clothes.

In recent years, as tension has grown in Isilmerald, the population of Rillow in the kingdom has noticeably increased. Whether this is accidental or for some hidden purpose is impossible for anyone but the Rillow themselves to say.


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