Shields in Black Geyser are part of the available defense equipment characters can wield in the game. Shields are defense items used to deflect damage or decrease damage received. They can be used in addition to an Armor set to increase a player's defensive stats. There are different types of shields available in Black Geyser that can range in size, stats, category types. This page covers details of the available shields and their collected in-game stats and equipment for convenient comparison.


Black Geyser All Shields


Name Description Size
The Last Stand This piece is the true pride of Tolbard, Master Blacksmith of Isilbright, the result of a lifetime honing his skills at the anvil. This heavy greatshield is fashioned from Rilvite, with a Coldsteel-fortified rim, making it proof against all kinds of attack. Enchanted by the high priests of Alnarius, the six panels along the top emit waves of holy resonance when hit, both shaking attackers and blessing the shield’s bearer. Large
Star-spangled Greatshield Only a few of these expensive shields are manufactured for the troops of Isilmerald each year. It takes both excellent craftsmen to forge their composite bodies of hardened wood and Rilvite, and talented wizards to imbue them with the enchantments that give them their signature powers. The most prominent members of the Brightguard are awarded with these bulwarks to protect them from harm in the thick of a fight. Large
Duskmarble Greatshield An immensely heavy greatshield, fashioned from reinforced steel and duskmarble, a rare stone from Isilmerald’s southern mountains. This special stone features both damage absorption, making it easier to deflect attacks, and supernatural qualities which protect against spells. Large
Ornate Tower Shield A heavy tower shield made from wood, reinforced with metal plates. The size of this shield makes it extremely unwieldy, which results in it only really being reliably usable for armies moving in a phalanx, turtle, or similar formation. Its surface area is great enough to completely cover a human sized user, but movement while carrying it is hindered greatly. This shield features a pair of pointed tips on its underside, that can be thrusted into the ground for even more stability. Or an unfortunate adversary, for a satisfactory takedown. Large
Colorful Kite Shield A regular kite shield, featuring bright colors on its face. This large shield offers a great amount of protection to the user, covering most of the body from attacks. The size of this shield makes it rather unwieldy, requiring a great amount of strength to be used on foot, even though it's mostly composed of wood for the weight to be bearable. It is a popular choice for mounted combat, but a Rillow might also be strong enough to handle it on foot. The design uses enarmes to tighten the shield to the user's lower arm, making it easier to handle an object this large. Well organized parties or armies often use uniform patterns on their shield, to show their allegiance to each other. Large
Wooden Heater Shield A simple wooden heater shield, reinforced with metal on the edges and the middle. With its wide surface area, it covers most of the user's body, but leaves the legs vulnerable. Made from wood, it is quite light for its size, making it quite manageable, but handles a bit slower than smaller variants. It also features notches on the top, where lances or pikes can be rested. Shields of similar design are useful both on foot and during mounted combat. This sort of shield can be customized with adornments and patterns to represent the user's allegiance to their lord or country. Medium
Zoisitrine Aegis This rare shield is made from a brittle gemstone found in the fiery wastes near active volcanoes. For a man to obtain one of these extraordinary crystals, he must defeat a Fire Giant and cut out its glittering heart, from which this exceptional material is derived. Zoisitrine is weak against physical blows but highly resistant to all the elements. Medium
Battleborn Bulwark This ornate shield has been enchanted to turn an opponent’s bloodthirst against him. High wizardry has been worked upon this device to give its user a lethal edge. Blunt weapons can easily get stuck in the oblong extensions along the shield’s bottom rim, giving the defender an opportunity to snatch them from enemy hands. Medium
Fortified Enerant Bark This rare shield is made of the strongest wood found in Yerengal, reinforced with metal around the rim and in the middle. These sturdy, slow-moving creatures are a great challenge to take down, even with a group, but the victor will be richly rewarded with valuable strips of bark, product of the malevolent souls ensconced in the dead tree. Medium
Polished Heater Shield An old, wooden heater shield, polished and kept in shape by caring hands. It has seen many years of use, and served many owners. Its surface carries numerous scars from past battles, but it withstood all those hardships to be repaired, repainted, and reused again. It might not be the most majestic sight, but the fact that it's still used speaks much of the original build quality. Medium
Nightfall This shield is a legend among the cultists of Zoria. When one of their dark summonings went awry, a horrific creature was loosed. Their reavers fought the thing as best they could, but stood no chance against its enormous stature. While his companions were slaughtered like lambs, one dauntless fighter faced down the demon, and the Dark Goddess is thought to have reached out from her prison to touch his shield. An army of dead sprang from it, and rushed to aid the cultist. Though they ultimately defeated the demon, the cult’s ranks were decimated, and it took decades to rebuild their strength. Medium
Duelist Buckler A finely made wooden buckler, reinforced with steel. It offers increased protection, but is still light weight and suitable for quick action in combat. Duelists usually combine these small shields with light blades, to stab their opponents with swift, deadly thrusts. Small
Treacherous Cover This shield is a work of expert craftsmanship, imbued with dubious magics suited to the operations of the infamous Thieves' Guild. Mages secretly employed by the Guild often receive orders to apply various enchantments to their equipment, to better facilitate their illicit tasks. This particular shield was designed for an assassin. Small
Bladecracker This buckler is fashioned from the finest iron in Yerengal, and inlaid with enchanted coldsteel, offering exceptional protection against cold and slashing attacks. When enchanted, coldsteel adheres to slashing blades, blunting and chipping them. Small
A5 TBC Small
Eastern Targe Used by the special forces of the Eastern Empires, these targes are hallmarks of wealth and prosperity among the Rillow. The great riches of the Garden of Delights allow them to equip their army with ornate, high-quality armaments, often with a finish of gold-infused lacquer. Small
Permanent Torch Offhand It's a shield disguised as a torch. Small
Torch A wooden stave wrapped in a cloth which was soaked in oil. Small
Metal Targe A simple, round target shield made from metal. This shield features dual enarmes on the inside, one to be grabbed by the wearer, and the other to be strapped to the lower arm. It is rather light, perfect for performing quick blocks and deflects. Due to its size, it does not offer as much protection as larger variants, but it makes up for that by enabling higher mobility to the user. Shields of similar design are widely used by infantry all over Yerengal. Small
Wooden Buckler A simple buckler, made from wood. It is about the lightest choice for those who would enjoy the protection of a shield in combat. It is perfect for a user who favors agility and swift movements, offering the ability to perform quick parries and deflects against lighter weapons. However, it lacks the mass and sturdiness to be used against heavier arms, and will probably break when blocking attacks of these sorts. This design is commonly used as an inexpensive means of protection for the commoners and militias around Yerengal, while larger, professional armies opt for sturdier variants. Small


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