While the Master Vintner's Away

Quest Type Main/Side
Location Vintner's Grove
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While the Master Vintner's Away is a Quest in Black Geyser. While the Master Vintner's Away is a Main/Side Quest. Quests are the sequential units that weave up the main story, in which players must progress through in order to complete the game. Quests are also known as Chapters, which unravel the Black Geyser story as the player sets out to complete a list of objectives. They are kickstarted at specific Locations, often triggered by interacting with an assigned quest-giver NPC.


I met an elf called Vincent at Vintner's Grove. He asked me to bring him a branch of grapes from Dalkivar's wineyards. He wants to know how they were cultivated.


While the Master Vintner's Away Rewards


  • Neutral: 2450 XP, Vine-grown Bow
  • Minor Greedy: 2450 XP, 150 GP, Vine-grown Bow
  • Major Greedy: 2450 XP, 250 GP, Vine-grown Bow
  • Evil Greedy: 2450 XP, 250 GP, Vine-grown Bow, Sapphire Ring, Lunar Pendant



While the Master Vintner's Away Objectives

  1. Objective


While the Master Vintner's Away Enemies

  • Enemy 1


While the Master Vintner's Away Walkthrough

Walkthrough for this mission.


While the Master Vintner's Away Notes & Tips

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  • Notes, tips, and other info



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