The Mad Lumberjack

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The Mad Lumberjack is a Quest in Black Geyser given by Lucille Fasitgrove. The Mad Lumberjack is a Side Quest. You will find the mad lumberjack Berinard in the South-West of Locus, which is east of Vinter's Grove and North of Fasitgrove.


I met a woman called Lucille in Fasitgrove who asked me to find his husband, Berinard. The man was apparently cursed by a witch as a form of revenge.


The Mad Lumberjack Rewards


  • Neutral: 4000 XP, Cyclops Backscratcher
  • Minor Greedy: 4000 XP, 150 GP, Cyclops Backscratcher
  • Major Greedy: 4000 XP, 350 GP, Cyclops Backscratcher
  • Generous: 4000 XP



The Mad Lumberjack Objectives

  1. Objective


The Mad Lumberjack Enemies

  • Enemy 1


The Mad Lumberjack Walkthrough

Walkthrough for this mission.


The Mad Lumberjack Notes & Tips

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