Small Blades are a category of Weapons in Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness. The Weapon categories consists of ThrowingSmall BladesLarge BladesRods and StavesSlings and FustibalsWar Clubs and HammersSpears and Halberds, and Bows and Arrows. Small blades include Daggers and shortswords. Small blades are affected by Aim and Accuracy of characters. The related stat and Skills can also be viewed in the character menus. 


Black Geyser Small Blades

Type Description Price Stabbing Slashing
Ritual Dagger
Dagger This dagger has been etched out of obsidian. It seems fragile and unlikely to last long in combat, though it might be useful for some sort of Ritual magic. 100 n/a n/a
Simple Dagger
Dagger A simple dagger, usually used as a backup weapon, or handy tool for everyday tasks. As a weapon, the dagger is largely favored by those of a sneakier profession, due to its small size and easy concealability. 10 1 - 5 n/a
Wind-blessed Jambiya
Dagger These ornate daggers are an important part of Rillow culture. When their tusks are fully grown, juvenile Rillows are presented with a jambiya by their families. These blades often bear enchantments suited to the recipient’s personality. A Rillow who doesn’t receive this prestigious status symbol –either because of poverty or disgrace– is often disdained by the community. This particular jambiya holds the blessing of the winds, allowing its bearer to travel swiftly through the dangerous eastern deserts. 340 3 - 7 n/a
butchers-knife-dagger-small-blades-weapons-icon-black-geyser-wiki-guide-40xButcher's Knife
Dagger The Butcher's Knife is a crude looking blade, used to perform similarly crude jobs. Its many variations can be found wielded by the butches and hunters of Yerengal, helping them deliver the final blow to, and then prepare their prey. Of course, their use is not limited to animals, but efficiency is limited against adversaries who wear armor thicker and stronger than the hides of beasts. 40 2 - 6 n/a
Thundering Amberblade
Dagger Crafted by the magi of the east, this swift blade is imbued with shock amber essence, delivering an electric jolt to anyone on the receiving end. It is most effective against larger groups, where lightning can jump between closely spaced enemies. But be warned – these charges don't discriminate between allies and enemies! 670 1 - 5 n/a
Covert Dagger
Dagger This small, unassuming dagger has one notable trait: it is enchanted in a way that whenever the weapon is held, it will be nigh unnoticable by others. The weapon is still very much there and visible, but the enchantment causes the sight of to simply slip by the observer's attention. Given enough time and concentration, one can force their mind to focus on it, but in practice, the time needed to notice it before it's too late is rarely enough. The existence of these daggers of course caused techniques to be developed against them, still, they are highly sought after by assassins. 175 3 - 9 n/a
Prisoner’s Stiletto
Dagger These stilettos were once common among the Elves of Yerengal’s northern wastes. A powerful northern demigod once captured an entire village, trapping them in an icy prison endowed with his own magical essence. This essence imbued their bodies and weapons alike, giving them both magical qualities. 520 1 - 5 n/a
Fancy Knife
Dagger This knife was found lodged between the scapulae of a ghoul in the Deron-Guld Mines. Having removed it and cleaning the blade from some ghoul flesh, the following words can be found engraved on it, just above the hilt:
"For M.
To accompany you
on your journeys"
25 1 - 5 n/a
Dagger ?? 10 ?? ??
Infantry Arming Sword
Shortsword The double-edged sword features a short and a basic crossguard. A sturdy piece of equipment, with proper maintenance, can serve its owner for many years. Many variations of this common form can be found all around Yerengal, as it's a relatively cheap and efficient choice of weapon for one's army. Its small form leaves the other hand free, enabling the use of a shield for additional protection. 30 n/a 2-7
Mercenary Falchion
Shortsword  The falchion, unlike other common swords used in Isilmerald, features a single-edged design, with the blade widening towards its end. It is somewhat lighter than double-edged swords. The design facilitates a fighting style based on quick, slashing movements, while thrusting attacks are rarely used. As such, they are highly sought after by bandits and mercenaries, who favor quick hit and run tactics instead of a head on fight. Falchions are cheaper, and of lower quality than common longswords. 20 n/a 2 - 8
Sorrowful Bilbo
Shortsword  A light falchion which has been immersed in a particularly unpleasant solution. Among other ingredients, this concoction includes a notorious substance known as the Dust of the Very Bad Day, which inflicts sour thoughts and unbearable itching and burning upon its targets. 190 n/a 4 - 9
Royal Guard Sword
Shortsword Standard issue shortsword for Isilbright's Royal Guards. The knights of Isilbright have to prove themselves in several bouts of honorable combat before they earn this piece of equipment. 120 n/a  3 - 7
Shortsword This sword is said to have been once wielded by Hilevi, Demigoddess of Battle. Together with the battle axe Rage, Hilevi used Frenzy to wreak utter destruction on her foes before ascending to divinity. Both Rage and Frenzy were forged from the corpse of a Diagune; the materials from these fire behemoth's bodies lend strange properties to the paired weapons and help to explain their unusual appearance. 1000 n/a 20 - 30

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