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  • Class restrictions: None

Humans is a Race in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. Races determine many aspects of a character, from their appearance, behavior, down to their innate capabilities, attributes, and many more. Races in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation and each choice grants unique Stats & Attributes that are exclusive to a certain race, as well as Class specialization/s.


 Humans were once a united tribe that roamed Yerengal for generations. The dark goddess of greed, Zornilsa, infected their heads slowly with greed, avarice, and jealousy. The single tribe of man became many as they turned on one another. They warred for resources and land, forgetting their roots.

Their bonds were broken and their old alliances splintered. Humans come in many different shapes and colors and can be found all over Yerengal. They are natural farmers, working the land as an artist works clay. Human versatility means that they can fill virtually any role.


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  • Class restrictions: None
  • This race can choose any type of Class.

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Humans Lore

When man was young in the world, he spread across Yerengal far and wide. No matter how great the distance between the groups of humans, they all considered themselves of one tribe. They moved across the land as a single race, united in brotherhood and harmony in honor of their creators. For many generations this was so and for many generations Yerengal flourished.

But as with the seasons, all things change with time. Not long after the lesser gods arrived, the beings of the void reached out to influence man. Where man once only carried only good, righteous intent in his heart, darkness appeared… and grew like a malignant tumor.

Zornilsa, goddess of greed appeared before men and filled their hearts so full of darkness they nearly went mad. She heaved upon them greed and selfishness like they had never known before. But the harmony of the tribe was too great and the few men she corrupted were redeemed and brought back into the fold, or cast away and banished for ever.

The goddess of greed and her dark companions quickly realized they could not so easily undo the King-god’s effort. Instead a different approach was needed, where the goddess of greed had lashed out with potent venom, a more slow acting poison was called for. One that would seep deep into the very fibers of man’s being over not a single lifetime, but many.

So Zornilsa set out and one by one, whispered to all but half the hard working farmers of Yerengal. “What brotherhood is there among your kind? You have but three pigs when your neighbor has six. Why not has he shared his abundance with his kin?” Such simple words, powerful words. Words that planted the wicked thought of doubt, deceit, greed and envy. In a short time the farmers did not pray to Zornilsa for answers, but instead began to create their own. “Perhaps I should just take enough pigs from my neighbor so we have equal number of beasts. After all, a man with such plenty, should hardly notice such a meager reduction."

With the seeds of malcontent planted, Zornilsa whispered to the harvesters of the tribe. "Look there at your neighbors field. The water flows in abundance and the soil is rich and fertile. His fruit trees thrive with such little effort of his doing, while you toil and sweat to produce a mere fraction of his harvest each season. Is his family so deserving where yours is not? He knows your tenth child is on the way, yet he does not labor in your field or share in his plenty.”

Zornilsa’s sinful plot had masterfully been put in motion. Seeds of darkness sprouted in mans’ heart. In the days that followed, man began to question the motives of his brother and his own place in the tribe. For the first time since their creation, men looked to themselves before the welfare of each other or the welfare of Yerengal itself. Some even formed rival tribes and fought with one another over nearby resources. The harmony of the great human tribe shattered. More and more humans split away from one and other, forming many, many tribes. Some humans even forwent tribes all together and took to living solitary lives far from any other beings.

The Green Mother wept for her children as they split apart and wept for Yerengal’s lost dream that man would be the stewards of Yerengal and eventually all planets throughout the stars. She tried to convince the King-god to reunite the many, but Alnarius would not interfere. The god who put spirit into man, decreed that if man were to have any merit in his existence, he must have the free will to choose his own path. Man must know and see the evil of the void, to understand why he rises above it.

Alnarius consoled the Green Mother and whispered to her to cast away her heavy heart. The King-god told his wife that no matter how fractured the tribe of humanity might become, he had faith in them. And that some day, they would cast aside all the dark influences of the void and remember the great harmony and brotherhood they once shared. And on that day they would take their rightful place among the stars.

But to Zornilsa’s great delight, man fell further under the dark influences she had sown with each passing year. The limits to which some men went in the name of selfish acts proved they were indeed beings born of the dark void. And Zornilsa knew in time, with continued influence and subtle suggestion, their entire legacy would be dark and wicked.


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