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Feldegug is a Race in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. Races determine many aspects of a character, from their appearance, behavior, down to their innate capabilities, attributes, and many more. Races in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation and each choice grants unique Stats & Attributes that are exclusive to a certain race, as well as Class specialization/s.


 The Feldegug were once Elven tribes who lived closed to the north. The demigod Dargalmir grew jealous over the love the Elves showed for Tilindia and imprisoned a number of Elven tribes in the snowy, cold north. He would forge his own race and command them as he saw fit. But the Elves were first a creation of the God-King and the Green Goddess, and as they changed to survive in the north, they also realized the strength they would need to be free.

Dargalmir eventually realized his mistake and allowed his creations to rule themselves and commanded them to form six tribes. Drawing from the strength granted by their cold imprisonment and their god and goddess, they rebelled against their demigod. Feldegug are similar to elves but much paler. They are resistant to a hard environment who msot would consider unlivable. They are rarely seen outside of their snowy northern homelands and most other races are very distrustful of them.


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As the mortal races spread out throughout Yerengal, virtually none moved to the inhospitable, icy realm of the far north. This both saddened and angered Dargalmir, the demigod who ruled over the white land. In a state of ill will Dargalmir captured an entire village of elves in the Northern Realm. The demigod locked the elves in great castle of ice, within a massive glacier on the frozen sea.

A magical place, endowed with Dargalmir’s very own essence. Set with a single spring of liquid frost and the few arctic animals of the deep sea their only form of sustenance, the demigod declared that if no mortal race was fit to settle the far north, he would forge one himself.

For a hundred years the elves survived in their prison drinking from the magical water and absorbing the enchantments of the icy halls that surrounded them, until at last Dargalmir set his captives free.

When the elves emerged from their icy prison, they found themselves forever changed. No longer were they recognizable as any elf of Yerengal, but instead stood as pale beings with opaque colorful eyes. They moved quickly over all the far north’s treacherous terrains, very much like Ice Trolls, but with far greater grace. The elves had become one with the realm of ice and Dargalmir was pleased with his creation.

The demigod released his new race of Feldegug from their icy confines, but they were far from truly free. Dargalmir treated the Feldegug as his own personal possessions. He divided their number into six tribes and commanded them to settle specific areas of the far north, showing no concern for their say in the matter. Although the Feldegug would be free to live as they wished, they would always be in service to the ruler of the far north.

Given their orders, the Feldegug gathered around their captor and creator and jointly refused Dargalmir’s wishes. The demigod stood shocked and confused. For the half god of the far north had forgotten that the King-god Alnarius, stood everpresent watching over Yerengal and more importantly, that the creation of mortal beings was the domain of he and his wife, the Green Mother.

While the Feldegug were trapped in their icy prison, Alnarius gifted to them intelligence, wisdom, willpower and a great sense of self worth. All that they would need to survive their ordeal with a chance at retaining goodness and righteousness in their hearts.

Dargalmir flew into a rage at the sight of the insubordination. The ground shook and freezing winds whipped, but the Feldegug stood firm. The demigod drew forth his blade of frost and prepared to slay the creatures where they stood. But as the demigod looked into their eyes, he saw his own self reflected in them. A deep emptiness and loneliness stared back at the demigod. In a moment of clarity the demigod realized that killing the Feldegug would condemn him to such a state for all time. Dargalmir lowered his sword and dismissed the white elves. They had won their freedom, total and complete.

And in his compassion to let the Feldegug go free, Dargalmir was reminded of the King-god’s infinite wisdom. The Feldegug spoke among themselves and indeed broke into six clans as the demigod had decreed, but while four would leave the far north two would stay behind. They would not be servants to the god of the far north, but they would indeed take upon it as their home and with no ill will for their imprisonment, they would honor their creator as all children honor their parents. The Feldegug proved to Dargalmir they were not just endowed with his nature, but the very best of it. The demigod welcomed the two tribes with firm handshakes and wished the others safe travels.

No record was kept of the six clans of Feldegug. Today the race of white elves are a rare sight. Although they can be been spotted infrequently, particularly in the Northern Realm, very few sightings have been recorded throughout Isilmerald.

There is a general distrust of the secretive race of white elves from the north. As most fear the harsh conditions of the far north and the frightening beasts capable of surviving those lands, the same fear is associated with the Feldegug themselves. Such apprehensions are only further complicated by thoughts of Dargalmir leading the Jotnar on a campaign against the south.

The few Feldegug that appear throughout Isilmerald and it’s surrounding lands are just as likely to be seen serving drinks in a tavern as they are serving as advisor for wealthy noble family. Another fact that perpetuates the general distrust of the race.

Only a handful of Feldegug have garnished public attention over the years. Contrary to common perception, these few have shown themselves to be intelligent, forth coming, honorable people of high quality. Yet fearful misconceptions still exist. The high advisor, Ambrosius Leanus for the lord of Riznagar and the adventurer Bjalla Adelis are two commonly known Feldegug.


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