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Race Features

  • +1 to maximum Dexterity
  • -2 to maximum Physique
  • +15% Damage with Bows and Arrows
  • +40% Resistance to Depressive Effects
  • +30% Resistance to Illusion and Manipulation
  • -20% Resistance to Pulse and Blow
  • +10% Attack with weapons made of wood

Elves is a Race in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. Races determine many aspects of a character, from their appearance, behavior, down to their innate capabilities, attributes, and many more. Races in Black Geyser are chosen during Character Creation and each choice grants unique Stats & Attributes that are exclusive to a certain race, as well as Class specialization/s.


 As the tribes of men fell to greed and the world was spoiled, the Green Goddess wept. The King-God allowed  Tilindia to select a few tribes of man, those least affected by greed, to be her vassals in Inilmerald. Tilindia chose eleven tribes of man ti ckauns as her own. Those eleven tribes were come to be known as elves as time passed. Elves share a special connection with nature, feeling an inherent connection to all natural things.

Their generations apart from men have changed them physically; their narrow frames allowed them to move faster and quieter than men. Their ears grew pointed to better pick out distant or small sounds. The elves tend to be xenophobic and haughty towards the other races due to their chosen status imparted by Tilindia.


Elves Information


Elves Attributes

  • +1 to maximum Dexterity
  • -2 to maximum Physique
  • +15% Damage with Bows and Arrows
  • +40% Resistance to Depressive Effects
  • +30% Resistance to Illusion and Manipulation
  • -20% Resistance to Pulse and Blow
  • +10% Attack with weapons made of wood

Elves Lore

After the great tribe of the many split, man grew more concerned with himself than the world in which he was charged to protect. Showing less and less respect for each other took its toll on the Green Mother, but seeing the gifts of nature shamelessly exploited was nearly more than the goddess could bear. She watched as man cut trees for houses that were burned to the ground just a short time later in conflict. She watched as men slaughtered animals not for meat to survive, but for small swatches of fur and trophy ornaments. She even watched as man poisoned the very rivers givers of life on Yerengal, the rivers and lakes, tainted with oil and sulphur from the machines of progress and war.

The Green Mother had seen enough. Though it broke her heart Tilindia went before Alnarius and demanded he undo the beings that they had created. She wept in great sorrow admitting their children had been a mistake. But Alnarius held no such contempt for man. He comforted his wife telling her than man was still a child finding his way in the world and like a child he would make mistakes along the way. But in the end, he would grow to be strong and smart and good. And promised his loving goddess she would be proud of what man would become.

Comforted by Alnarius’s words, Tilindia agreed to let man find his own way, no matter how lost he might become along his journey. But she still wept, not for man but for Yerengal itself and the simple creatures that lived among her loving lands. Uneased by the Green Mother’s discontent, Alnarius struck a bargain with his wife. He told her to seek out the tribes least affected by the dark influence of the void. Though there were not many that escaped its influence completely, Alnarius told his wife to find them and gift to them a bond to Yerengal, unlike all other tribes.

The King-god decreed let them grow to know life as Yerengal knows life… let them see through the eyes of the hawks that soar in the sky and feel as the red grasses of the plains bend towards the warmth of the setting sun. Let them hear the songs of night wolves on the winter’s wind and taste the pollen that blows on the first day of spring. And most of all let them know the simple love that the doe has for her fawn and the beauty of all life, whether it’s the dew fly’s glorious hour or the winged serpents seven generations of men.

Tilindia’s eyes grew wide at the thought of the task and the many who she would favor. After watching all the tribes of men the Green Mother chose a selection of tribes across the very different geographies of Yerengal. All in all, Tilindia chose eleven tribes to receive her special blessing. The first of this new tribe were forest people near Deron-Guld—one of the very first human settlements on Yerengal. The Green Mother did as Alnarius said and the men of Deron-Guld forest accepted their new found connection to the natural world with humility and graciousness.

Over the years the new tribes grew so distant in their ways compared to the ways of men, they changed physically. They grew to be a slender, almost frail looking people, who moved with stealth and grace like the fickle forest creatures of Yerengal itself. No longer resembling man, the Green Mother no longer referred to these favored children as men but as the eleven and eventually, simply as the elves.

As Alnarius had decreed with man, the elven tribes would retain their own free will. Of this, even with the Green Mother’s blessing, some of the elven tribes could not escape the influence of the void or their brothers—men—over the years. To Tilindia’s dismay some of the elves took their task and love of Yerengal to the extreme, becoming aggressive and even xenophobic against the other races. Although the Green Mother did not approve, she acquiesced to the King-god’s wishes and allowed the elves to find their own way in the world by the means of their own choosing.


Elves Tips & Builds

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